My next project is to represent different types of Project Management.  This
is titled Iterative SDLC Project Management.  A spin off from the full
Waterfall Model.  I will begin by specifying and implementing just part of my
change to the Virtual Project Leader site.  A change will include a total
reconstruction of what this site will represent.

After including a link to my SDLC Waterfall Model along with the Agile
Project Management Model I had thought, why not introduce different types
of project management styles.  This model of Iterative SDLC Project
Management will be an ideal way to demonstrate this.    

In short, this section of the site will go through small simple
implementations.  Quick design and developments of each page and
implemented as each page is created.  

UPDATE:  Iterative SDLC Project Complete.

My plan was to introduce the Iterative SDLC model and here are the results.

I took and made modifications to represent
multiple type of Project Management Models and different tools for a
Project Leader.  

My 1st phase was to transform the initial page from just an Agile
Management into a page showing multiple types.  

This was accomplished by including a link to the SDLC Waterfall Method,
now including this Iterative SDLC model, the Spiral and Extreme models,
and keeping the information about Agile Project Management,  

My next phase was creating the helpful documents.  This included Request
for Proposal,  Initiation Document, Feasibility Document, Project Plan,
Design Document, and a Test Exit Report.   

The final phase was completing what you are reading now,  Getting all these
helpful hints out and publishing what is now the Iterative SDLC Model.
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Phase: Completion
Below is the Project Progress
DEC. 21th

People and Revenue quotes in this site and documents
attached to this site are only for demonstration purposes. All
names and dollar figures are fictitious.
Iterative SDLC Project Management

Iterative SDLC Project