It has been said RAD should be used only when a system can be
modularized to be delivered in incremental manner. Check.   My example
will be to introduce my presentations of my current websites using a
Youtube presentation.

Also said, It should be used if there is high availability of designers for
modeling.  Not a problem here I have all day to do this and do even more on
my time off.  Check.

Not necessarily an automated code generating tool but a Video generator
that is free which fits my budget.  Another check for using RAD

One more check. RAD SDLC model should be chosen only if domain experts
are available with relevant business knowledge.  This is falling right in with
my plans.  Check.

Lastly during the course of the project and working prototypes will be
presented to customer in small iterations of 2-3 months.

Here is the plan.  With all my domains , , and and possibly others, I will be
producing a YouTube videos of these sites.

Using the EZvid software from I developed my first video
for the Virtual Business Analyst.

My next presentation will be about this site the Virtual Project Leader.

Needing 5 phases.   Business Model,  Data Model, Process Model, and
Application Generation, Testing and Turnover

Business Model:  Present various videos that can be used in the business
world.  This will be vital information for business with access from Youtube.
With the global access of YouTube there could not be a better way to
present this product.

Data Modeling:  Each of these videos will be relevant to the business
world.  If there is a need  to run a project or support a project what better
way than to have these demonstrations show what can be done or needs to
be done.  Need communication between the departments?  Use the Virtual
Business Analyst tools.  Need changes that can be done in the most
effective way?  Use Virtual Project Leader.  The relation between these
sites are established and defined in detail in relevance to the business

Process Modeling: The Video will speak for itself.

Application Generation:  Check out  A simple tool to screen
scrape with a voice over and music options.  Sample shown below.

Testing and Turnover.  As the videos are developed there are options to
preview it before publication.  A build in upload to YouTube is readily
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