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In one of our meeting we were
tasked to come up with the
Benefits of Agile Management.  

People and Revenue quotes in
this site and documents
attached to this site are only for
demonstration purposes. All
names and dollar figures are
Janet, our Scrum Master will be
facilitating these meetings.  
Paul, the Product Owner and the
rest of the
Scrum Team will be
looking over the
Product Backlog
from the
stakeholders and
determine which User Stories will
be committed to the
During one of our Daily Scrum
meetings we went over the
Sprint Backlog.  Each day we
could see progress by
verifying where we were and
what needed to finish the
sprint,  It was helpful by
describing what was not
started and what was in
One of the tasks were to create a
Poster of the
Benefits of Agile
A typical sprint meeting lead us to tyring to first determine what could be
successfully delivered in four weeks.  We determined in this sprint we could
accomplish the following. In no particular order.
Display of the Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Scrum Team.
Display the Benefits to Agile Management
Display this Sprint Planning Meeting
Display the steps and how it progressed.
Display of Suggestions.
Display the Tasks Requested
Redesign the site with Multiple Tabs

I had the opportunity taking the Benefits, Product Backlog, and the Sprint Planning
Meeting Tasks.  

The poster kept us in check with what was not started and what was in progress.
Agile Management Project